the windup toys are winding down

the windup toys are winding down
and i am silenced by the sound
of a child thats grown
of my reflection thats old
of my heart that has found its way home
to you

the newborn suns just fade to dusk
and i am haunted by the thoughts
that great lovers will one day part
and someday all these endings start
and even the strongest of hearts
can break

and through a winter decay
lost past a summer embrace
long gone is an autumn replay
glide down waste a spring shot release
years and years fade away

we flutter our eyes at our demise
hold our hands as time expands
gone are days when children play
still never apart, you are my heart
and i will love you always

on a distant beachfront
i see you standing there
with the sunshine smile upon your face
and daisies in your hair
its just my mystic daydream
that calls your heart to mine
what godly glow of reverence
makes destiny be so kind
i grasp your hand in solitude
and kiss your lips before the dawn
we forget the world around us
we forget the lulls of harm
we point at our reflections
radiating through our eyes
and stars and cosmic mysteries
cling desperately above our skies
whatever ive said of fortune
whatever ive done for love
cannot compare for a single tear
shed for us somewhere above
the trauma and misfortune
of world's just torn apart
will glow within one forever star
and swell within my heart

these next lines i borrow
for worse or for better
but i dream of making you my bride
and we growing old together

i lift your veil
i grasp your hand
we kiss our child
we watch him stand
he grows so fast
we watch so proud
he marries too
a bride unbound

and when the grey overwhelms us
and our children are far and grown
we will rummage through a closet
of years past and memories
blowing dust off the laughter of our lives
and as the windup toys wind down
and our red curtain slowly falls
we can look back and remember this moment
when i took your hand
and i held your heart
and i whispered softly for all the world to hear
my love, my life, my future
will you marry me?

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