lost horizon

existance is fleeting and barely brand new

through rainclouds i wait out this storm

and the dusk drives me closer to you

broken and shattered remains

i fall in spaceless voids

lost through unopen chords

and your heart just follows me home

riddles and reasons are solely untrue

when looking through mirrored replace

scattered emotions have broken all through

haunting a lonely path

we soar through winter dawns

open all closed beyonds

to never call or hear and empty cause

whispers will char and never await

a summer or autumn approach

a spectre will watch us vanish too late

but will we even notice

we kiss through moon and sun

past stardust horizon

that we'll walk toward no matter how far

all our lives

pass right before our eyes

but can we see

what's left of our existance

the faint call of echoes will crumble away

the last piece of hollow

crashing a silent rain of a sunny day

build a tower to hide in

descend to where dreams still grow

forget all the pain you know

and hand in hand i know we'll carry on

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