long gone road

she smiles like mirrors

and many miles of the brightest light

she sighs like venus

she knows she is the spark in the night

and i cant remain

a wandering wanderer like before

dry your eyes and grin

your smile is too precious to waste on a tear

you are my perfect acoustic daydream

the hum of notes not yet heard

the colors of heaven

the enchantment of void

the city thats lost behind the hills of joy

its a path to nowhere

its a shoutout to those who dont care

your world just sucks me in

with hopes of a calm sea within

less is more, they say

come with me, i'll show you the way

i see smiles forever in our eyes

with my arms open toward the night skies

the path is long

heartbeats unknown

rays of hope

beam down on those

who know true love


take my hand

we'll follow the trail

we are all just footsteps on the pathway

of the long gone road

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