lament of silence

all i love

is who i'm kissing

all i know

that life is missing

a simple life

a little tear

you and me

on a cloud

we're all teasing

a simple girl

that i am pleasing

with all my love

and all my faith

you and me

hey now i'm

singing loud

let us sing


and you are one

with me

we're into

what we're knowing

it's a crime

where life is going

to struggle free

and break the mold

of our lives

tortured i'm

out of touch

with reality

it's a push

to be free

to be free

you and me

so high above

so deep in love

all unknown

on a star

we are flying

while the world

is all but dying

inside a tear

within a fear

you and me

as a boy

i danced in meadows

with roses red

and daisy petals

but now i'm alone

i'm so unknown

i'm only me

but then you came

so silently

a song so soft

that i can't see

with happiness

and tears of bliss

just you and me

to be free

and i am you

and you are me

i hear your song

i keep it here

to be free you and me

i hang my heart

for another day

to be free you and me

and set me up

for a fall

and let's be friends

i'll hear your call

into my sun

into your moon

upon the stars

we'll always swoon

to be free

to be free

you and me

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