jellie's last jam

hollow morrow

simple sorrow

whispers forgotten breath

sunset starlit death

you are my precious fallen star

on the dark hill lost so far

silent follow

distant borrow

upon the road we roam so proud

to rise up fast and we all fall down

i will kick my heels

along these dusty fields

you wont ever find me there

fade like a vacant stare

and when im gone

you will remember me

as just a little boy

as just a simple toy

because i am in your mind

just not in your eyes

a faded picture fallen gone, long gone

i will close my eyes

drift along the clouds

we will never be apart

but forever be alone

in calmest waters

in fridgid air

in radiant forests

you will find me there

with moondrop eyes

and wasted hours

these lonely nights

are yours and mine as one

to the sound of fallen snow

i can only see you breathe

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