it changes you

she moves like a pause

in a box

i'm a pawn

in a world full of checkers

and velcro heads

a silent scent of ash

like the smell of burning hair

i'm not quite in hell

still stuck here in heck

just a speck

of dust on this planet

this galaxy of fingernails

and razorblades

intoxicated sheep line up

they look like cows

that big farm full of pencils

and notebooks full of gibberish

while you think of nothing


the next time you can taste the syrup

and the meat

i'm glad i'm not in your tent

(i still wish i was close)

she hears an echo

as she drops another eyelash

i catch it

and whisper i love you

i found another strand

but i think i lost it

an intention?  perhaps

please forgive me

because i hate you

(lie) truth (lie)

tomorrow is another day




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