i know

where breezes blow

to the bottom rays

of my golden soul

ill never show

what i thought that you

should see

youre me

and forever my love

we will be as one

so high above

lost tears

wanted me to leave

my lies

pushed me right beyond the skies

ive seen

what the sunshine means

when it wants to melt

all the snow away

and everyday

i will walk and stay


you are my fairy

you are my pixie

but you just fly away

a unicorn

the final born

you are the blossom upon the breeze

i stand unspoken

upon the golden sand

that you never gazed within

and i amuse myself with your candy heart

then night falls

and slumber calls

just close my eyes to the world

lock your soul

with this key

and just hide it from me

and just never let me see

i know

where breezes blow

and your pollen soars

on the summer sky

tears in my eye

wanting everything

for me

now i see

what i needed now

is what you have

in your soul

and lost am i

chanting aimlessly

im just a piece

of this hopeless life

no more room to say goodbye

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