highway star

i'm walking on this surface

but i can't get any further

seems my feet are stuck within the ground

my heart beats fast and empty

reflections of a purpose

to shatter all forward hopes and turn around

i'm following lost footsteps

and clutching fallen leaves

and every moment earned just turns to dust

you wave within the distance

and i try to hard to reach you

tugging at this anchor encased in rust

but somehow you know what to do

and i'm wrapped up inside of you

and you shine down a golden glow

that illuminates everything

and seasons rise and fade away

for the world is full of emptiness

so hold your head so proudly high

i am your highway star

we follow through this time trap

to the rhythm of our heartbeats

interpret the world and break away

words are not as powerful

as the sounds within 'i love you'

so never beg tomorrow for today

and is the world so desolate

that we found each other in certainty

fairytales have no dialect

to tell us that they're real

and life is over just as it begins

so never walk your days alone

i won't ever sway away from you

i am your highway star

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