hearts intertwined

early sunbeam cuts through the reddish sky

i wake up slowly and kiss to you the first goodbye

turn briskly to give to you one last parting glance

and imagine our next dance

of bodies close and warm

all through a winter storm

the world is ours alone

and all the gods will have to hear me sing

you are everything

and in your eyes i gaze endless pools of fate

tendencies can generate a complecate

but still we smile and continue on

like some gently hidden song

of lives that somehow collide

and all the time we bide

till we create new life

and hear the joy that newborn somethings bring

you are everytrhing

so long i walked the world

searching through the sky

a single lonely boy

without the will to cry

but youre a golden sun

and i'll shout to let all the world know your name

you are everything

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