ashlie's stars align

all of ashlies stars align

im haunted by the sights within your eyes

on and on our worlds collide

by beauty bursts and highways inside your mind

she is grace from gods own hands

to crush the shimmering sunlight in demand

i fall forever into her soul

of glowing golden rivers floating on

hey ashlie

never swoop or sway away

from me ashlie

will you be forever by my side

on and on ashlie

your words part

secret pathways into my heart

the scent of love and simple things

tiny hearts of clay and candy rings

near and far, youre always here

to close my eyes with breath so sweet my dear

ive waited so long for your star to fall

your ruby lips just long to hear me call

out these words you need to hear

'i'll be forever yours and we endear'

say ashlie

your name tears the smile right through my face

dont go away ashlie

and hollow footsteps curse right through this place

on and always ashlie

a simple boy i am to take

your hand ashlie

i promise to be yours forever

to kiss you close through all endevors

to lift your veil and smiles won't sever

the world is ours to believe in never

all of ashlies stars align

and i think our discovery is a sign

of things greater than us

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