to waste another word

segregate all of the hate

and float just like a bird

cause its not fair

a feather on the breeze

ill run so far to catch a star

but give up when

i see how far

you cant catch me

or call out my name

these new found feelings

still feel just the same

no, i cant hold a flame to remember

my life is left in the clear


we're defenders of the dark

life inflate just to deflate

the mirror ive become

a strand of hair

caught upon my clothes

a pretty day or just DNA

but nothing when

just pulled away

run with the wind

and be so content

just cease all your worry

or life will be spent

just crying and faking your way

thru every lost no name day

never thought life

was like a knife

i cut my wrists now for so long

a burnt out fire

is my desire

but i lost track of right and wrong

i forget all the good days

i forget all the fun

i lost count of laughter

its all become one

no, i dont think i need to remember

my life, my love or her

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