never the forever

away goes the sleep from your misty eyes

tattle tale kisses drown in your skies

a little sweet fairy just sings the blues

cause' no one knew how to live in your shoes

and now i see that you're brand new

a fallen candy heart

replay the cause

to never know better and let you breathe

and hose you down dirty for your own relief

you were one of the few

you were one of the few

a tired little girl, we'll put her to bed

her soul wrapped in covers and our kiss on her head

we'll never lose her as long as we both live

to sprinkle down wishes that we must give

to never be alone

to never be alone

we all expect a world so clever

well i'll make a toast to never the forever

heaven hold you cause' the sky is thin

to fall into voids that end your begin

oblivious these folds that dont even care

i will walk all the miles that to me you dare

no stars left in your eyes

satellites and haze

to begin another maze

and go out and vanish right into space

this lost little dreamer's in her secret place

that's just out of our view

that's just out of our view

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