ribbons and bows

float away with whipper winds and breeze

and whisper words of peace into my soul

your emerald eyes and open to the world

as i chase the star that has fallen from your sky

over all those vast horizons

footprints gather dust at my heels

tomorrow is just another way

for me to close my eyes and still know youre there

all the time

a graceful gift of life i do reprise

that your body beams warm next to mine

tumbling over eternal melted covers

in our bed of mint within we'll fade away

feathers fall from somewhere

ghastly ghosts of nowhere

that will somehow beware

and sparkle from above

and we can spread our wings

and fly away

and in the hour glass i disappear

coiled up in misery and despair

i'll walk along the border and bring you back a gem

and along our way we won't return again

broken tears arent ready to renew

i'll catch them all within our simple words

i'll wrap you up in always

cozy rooms and hallways

lifeless tides and fallways

wash against our shores

tomorrow is just another way

for me to steal one last kiss

to present to you

in ribbons and bows

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