tonight i'll lay you down

upon the satin ground

and be forever

but then tomorrow hails

all of your sadness tales

and you vanish

over me

over me my love

over me

over me above

i've gotta hold my head

i've gotta avoid my bed

while i'm still young

i've gotta walk through fire

reign the funeral pyre

just to taste you

blindly see

blindly see my youth

over me

over me the truth

tonight i'll look for you

but i know what's true

you're a phantom

i know i'll stay alone

and all the days i've known

are just a promise

of your charm chasing me

all through this odyssey

the star has fallen

over me

over me the end

over me

over me again

blindly see

blindly see i'm

all alone

all alone again

upon every fairy tale

you lose a bit of your youth

no lookin' back

and all your memories

turn to bumblebees

and fly away

one day you'll think of me

and you will recall

you were happy

by then i'll be far away

floating upon your mind

and i won't look back

over me

over me i'll die

blindly see

blindly see goodbye

so breathe in life

and close your eyes

i will be there

within your mind

but when you awake

i will simply wave


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