the divine spill

an autumn leaf just


a summer rainstorm

with every drop

this angel

this new day

just say so

i will follow you always

stung by the cactus

a lost lie of trust

on grey cloud wishes

that fall to earth

with new days

and bleak conquest

when no one

begs to be the end

well now, now say yes

well now, now say no

and hey, hey get dressed

and hey, hey get old

in daydreams

and white rain

with pixies

clap your hands again

with lost whispers

and dead heaven's gate

those dull caverns

that just love to hate

for a last kiss

a divine touch

spill my heartache

to crash the emerald eyes

come on

come on

come on

it's on

come all

come all

come all

we fall

come on

it's on

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