the alternate route

i need your voice to help me save the day

its just your smile that helps me trick the night

on my own i understand the world

while the roads twist up and trip me yet again

this time i'll fall for sure

i see you standing in the doorway

a minute can last eternity

so i'll wave to you and slowly turn my head

and walk away

the rain pours down and covers everything

and the fog is thick so i must squint to see

the leaves soon rustle and i think youre by my side

but i turn around to see i'm alone again

all i have is sorrow

life has been so hollow

i just wish you'd follow me all across this world

instead of always taking

this alternate route

and once again i lose my way

waiting for you forever and a day

i've spent my life with you inside my dreams

but in reality youre not quite what you seem

you've taken a different path from me

but i'll still wait for you eternally

is time actually slowing

i guess i'll just keep going

without ever really knowing what sadness lies ahead

i wish you wouldnt take

i wish you wouldnt take

i wish you wouldnt take the alternate route

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