could someone please dig up shakespeare

so he could tap my pen

and turn it into gold

i know i need it

to write the finest words

i'll admit that i'm dried up

that these sentences seem to flow

so listlessly

with the life drained from this prose


i know that you mean so much more

than any rhyme i've written before

tell me whats the trick they use

to hustle inspiration

when your love just overwhelms me

like and alien invasion

its almost like you are perfect

in every way i can see right now

that i cant do justice

to even complement your smile

so i'll jot down these pen marks

with a failed quill

that can never be ignored

because your beauty

keeps it ruined yet adored


is it useless to walk a mile

just for a chance to make you smile

is there something wrong with me

that i only want to savor

every tear of happiness you drip

i can think of nothing graver

dont try and stop my heart

from burying you so tender

these words will not hold meaning

if every one of them i render

i know at least i'll make you smile

and i promise forever to hold you close

youve got a rope wrapped around my heart

so while my lungs hold breath

we'll never be apart

we'll never be apart

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