the dark before the dawn

what's wrong with this life's road

when there's no will to walk the mile

there is harmony in disharmony

but where is my melody

and i can't continue

when i don't care what happens tomorrow

overtaken when the sun sets

so i smile to make them wonder

what is going on inside

just a question of all this passing wasted time

after the rain comes the rainbow

but what if i drown in the storm

i wish i had something smart to say

but i don't have all the answers

it's how you use the suggestions

that defines how you'll make it

but does anyone ever really make it

what is "it"

i wanted to be a hero

but i was sinister apparently

a villian i've become

well, when you find your way to heaven

i'll meet you when you get there

i never asked for existance

i never asked for eternity

a simple dream would be

to disappear completely

and if i fade

you'll notice that i'm gone

but just remember

it's always dark before the dawn

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