set your course for the edge of the dawn

i could sit and watch the skies

but when the day is gone

why am i surprised

floating thru another door

took a breath, what a bore


i can see us climbing the tallest peak

or peering into the bluest deep

gazing unto the highest tree

nothing can stop us from being free


we can swirl and sway thru galaxy

we can own the world, just you and me

we could ride the rain or break the clouds

we could see what we built and be so proud


let's walk the path without a plan

let's melt the ice and freeze the sand

let's lasso the moon and smack the sun

let's dive right in until we are one


we'll never turn back, just straight ahead

we can shatter the night, dream instead

to scale the cliff and jump right in

laughing at loss and forgetting to win


i think we should chase the setting sun

collect the stars and label each one

bury them into the fading ground

transcending time, transcending sound


there's not one road

but many to tread

and we tear the days

until we are dead

but if we fill each day

with just one laugh

then we know we conqured

that worthy path


we may never acomplish

all that we dream

we may live a life simple

as it may seem

but i want to wake up always

seeing your eyes

a vision that's better

than the bluest skies


the world is so large

and we are so small

we could climb the night

and maybe we'll fall

but all i need

was you to help me see

my greatest adventure

is my family

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