ten years, pathway down the road

we'll never do exactly what we're told

heartbeat thru the emptiness of space

was today just a waste


streetlights glowing until dawn

firepower brighter than the sun

even though it's just a needless day

now it's gone


and i can't even say

what could happen next

the film goes on

even without us in the lead

or supporting cast

let's hope there was enough time

to do our best


silhouette thru a vacant eye

starbeams ignited thru the sky

a single chair within an empty room

full of shadows and gloom


sit back and watch the night awhile

find the light to invigorate your smile

it glows better than any setting sun

indeed i know we're one


and we all just fade away

like embers out of time

we feel the chill

of a thousand wasted breaths

and washed out bliss

we know there was enough time

to pull down the day

capture a glimpse of life's replay

to float, to swing, to sway


tidal wave crashes thru the night

memory holds truer than our sight

if this be the last day we ever have

close our eyes and drift into the crash

we'll see

that we can't even say

where we go from here

that life is long

and the pathway divides

into so many roads

we know we'll do our best

to walk them all


daybreak fades so quickly into night

take my hand, i know we'll be alright

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