waxing poetic

on october 6th of '85

they built a castle made of gold

a bright embrace


and on that day, at five years old

i climbed a tower made of stone

an empty base


and i gazed towards the sky

and i felt the where and why

and i could've just let go and die


but something pulled me to wander on

to never take an empty truth

even when the numbers got too great

all i ever saw was you

from start to end


i'm walking with you

on this long gone road

side by side from start to end


on june 16th of 07'

we took a journey into fate

and starlit sky

and within your eyes i caught a glimpse

of a million mile dawn

clicked my heart in place


and i heard a ruby song

and i saw day life long

a simple smile to belong


never let the winter reel you in

never let the autumn come undone

always keep the summer in your heart

hand in hand towards the sun

from start to end


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