listless glances

we can say our love ain't easy

can't change those days gone by

pinprick the darkened rainclouds

to sit and cry


we know that life takes changes

and we know that we'll get by

because the dawn will soon be rising

on you and i

it's true


wherever i roam in darkness

wherever i roam in light

with you on my mind

my time is bright


this is who we are

this is why we care

we can doubt the daybreak intro

but i will always be there

for you


we can say our love is muddled

shut down in need of repair

break the cryptix, unlock the code

and i'll be there


we know that nothing's broken

spitshine this dulled old heart

haze thru this cloudy future

and i'll never part

from you


wherever i roam in doldrums

wherever i stroll thru days

i can picture your smile

it always stays


this is who we are

this is why we care

we can crash the weeping outro

and i will be there

for you



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