La señora de la plata

She was known as “la señora de la plata”. My grandmother’s life work was selling silverware and bowls made of silver. My grandfather passed away when my mother was five years old. My grandmother had to take care of six children. That is when she decided to open the store in her house. She was a very hard working person, always attending others. This store to me signifies strength and perseverance. Being a single mother with six children, it was hard. She had one room inside of here home where she had all of the items on exhibition so anyone could ask for them. She had a storage room that was like a long hall that never seemed to end in the back where she kept hundreds of cardboard boxes full of the merchandise. I remember all the little details of her store. She would keep a big bowl made of silver (like the ones she sold) full of these caramel candies that we would call “chiclosos”. It would seem to be that the bowl never ran out. I would have to sneak in to get one because they were for the costumers. Unfortunately I have not had one of these chiclosos in a long time. Inside of Regalos Treviño Bosch (that was the name of the store) there was this one particular smell. The smell came from “Tarni Shield” the liquid that my grandmother used to clean the silverware. It has a very unique smell that you can recognize it the instant you step in the room. Not so long ago my mother had the silverware cleaned with the Tarni Shield and I had a déjà vu that took me back ten years when my grandmother still had the store. She normally wouldn’t let me help around her store because I could break something so she would have me open the door for costumers and take them to the room where she had the exhibition. She would make me feel important and would give me 10 pesos for helping her (this was when I was very little and only had money for candy). She would take me to the store in the park and I would pay for my candy with the money I earned. She was one of the most important people in my life. Till this day she is remembered as “la señora de la plata” even though she has not ran the store in many years. (410)

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