Deaf Man's Tragedy

If I were to tell a deaf man of the radio,
I would start with the promise it brings.
The hope springing in your heart when you press the button,
The chance, that your favorite song, or perhaps a potential favorite comes on.
The feeling of rushing down the highway, with your window down.
Dancing, like you honestly don’t care.
Because you don’t.
Nothing, in your mind, could tear you down
Because when the wind is in your hair
and you are hopping and jiving in your seat,
You are unstoppable.
You can be whoever you want to be with the press of a button.
From thug, to classical musician, to a Latin dancer, and back.
The possibilities are endless…
But then again,
how selfish would it be, to describe such a thing to a person incapable of experiencing such magic?

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