After a long time
it laminate me again
sitting at the roof
it caught me again

felt again the influence
in pictures of my friends
the old story of our school days
attracted me again


that terror of our English teacher
still happy, my piece of writing

helps you sometime
having fun at free periods
tried our best
for each other to pass the bad times


At exams our friendship didn't leave the side
helps as much as we could
from our parents scold ,
who wait for this time
even if sorrow found the path to reach us
we made everything fine


Still remember my fight
to catch you at one last time
when it looked like it

walked away with a speed of light
when it look like all pages were filled
but came back with speed of mine
and called it "never end of line"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the time which i spent with my friends will always be remain in my heart

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