my dreams, keep hunting me

lay down on a bed
hope for the best
that this time i'll be free
not in a world
but in a dream
but it never happen
even in my dream

here is a noise of my fear started
everything was so darksome
that i can't say that i saw someone
maybe running with someone
don't know who is that someone
a black line that all i can see
it was making me crazy
it was so horrified
cause first i was in a place
which felt to me like my school
and in a second moment
i was in a place
where there is no exit
but just i'm running with somebody
and somebody tried to kill me

this is not the first time
that i found myself so scared
i just want to be in a world that known to me
i just want to build a world
where i have nothing to fear

whenever i try not to see that dream
but it keep watching me

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my dreams

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