burn from inside

Smile come and go
faith come up and give up
soul release and seal
Anxiety, grief , disaster
make path of life

Not everyday i can get the part of happiness
Not everyday is a day of a big hunger
Not everyday i have to fight for my justice
But it burns me every time and
gives me different trace

Destiny makes me crazy
it burns me from inside
want to come outside
it feels like despair going to kill me
it come out with truth
With true feelings which burst out with flow of reality
true love came out with tears
everything will be alright
that's what we say, that's what we ask
we can build high building
we can make it structure perfect from outside
but it hard to get back that perfectly from inside
tough to make it earlier one
and that's we sense
recollect every piece of broken heart and
we forget the every ignorance
feels like burn from inside
but we the one who just forget
we the one who can show that never happen
So that,
feelings never gonna disappear

The meaning of everything
then we get it
Our anger of separation
Fear of vanish
Love behind every disagreement
But it burns very deeply

Smile come and go
faith come up and give up

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