wake up your master

wake up your master

someone said this is to me

your inside master

your mind

he gave us big speech

but forget it that

the thing is not easy as on a speech

don't know how much he said truth

don't know how much he said lie

but we know that we trying to wake up our mind

want to tell him that every one is not same

but we could say that we don't wanna be same

insult popstars

insult our friendship

what he tried to get by saying all that

make me angry

want to tell him that whatever he trying to say

something was correct but

but don't use the support of people like us

we beleive our friends

we believe in our friendship

we don't want to become a selfish person

but he tried to make us parallel

he tried to make us opposite with that

don't know what he trying to get with saying all that

wake up your master

we will but by forget what he said

thats my inside master

cause i want to win my destiny

in my way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is what i want to tell him to that teacher

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