don't say this

don't say this

that i have to do this

everyone advise us for our destiny

some advice is good

but some are really sad

every wheres advice is same

my mummy say

my advice teacher say

that we have to become selfish

for this destiny , for our aim

that we have to walk alone in our path

that we have to forget our friends

its like they never taste friendship taste

its like they want to fly alone in the sky

why they pull me there?

if we want to become something

so we have to leave them

how can i take it

but i'm going to tell them

this is a life

this not only for become  something

become a selfish person

become a greedy person

i can't get anything

cause this is life of season

like we need much water in summer

that rain give it to us with

with a beautiful rainbow

its is a beautiful life with friends

like rain beautiful with rainbow


don't say this

cause i can't take it

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