my first class of dance

my first class of dance

this what i always waiting for

and try to make my friends come with me

but they has their own problem

that was splendid day for me

i was free from study

that was my first experience of my art

that was that day that i can't explain

at there i was thinking that

this is a meaning of my life

that i want to learn dancing

my friends was happy for me

but my first class wasn't easy

cause i was alone

but i share everything with me

so i can releaf my heart

he trying to make me feel better

that i can do what i want

give me encouragement everytime

thats enough for me

my first class was better that i was though

my first class of dance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

that day was really great cause i never learned like that and that was my first experience to learn something different from studies

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