love you guys

i can't find any words

that how i love you guys

can't say in front of you guys

can't say through my mind

 i can say only by writing

cause it is directly connect to my heart

trying to make myself angry on you

trying to make myself kill you sometime

but don't know whats happen with me

everytime my hands came back from you

and your face make me true

that time you guys

control in my heart so tightly

that my heart control my mind

and work so softly

that i want to kiss you

not want to kill you

i can't find anywords

that how i love you guys

but the word love coming through my heart

my mind can't stop it to say

that how i love you guys

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem to think about all my friends whom i have met in my life.everyone my postpoem friend and my all friends

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