living in those memories

first time

blur in a  bit dark

same pose in different spot 

scanning, no never thought

at starting, standing

all i can thought 


living with those memories

those are the pictures

that can be seen

and here i go 

watching wherever i go

thinking you might show


living in those memories

wavering pictures

as it get sometimes scary 

want you to show down 

so that atleast i know

you doing well 

and thats enough 

for going with a flow


living in those pictures

want you to smile 

if you are feeling low 

lets stop wavering

 let me know 

let fill this life 

with colour and glow


took time to clear 

that dark memory 

everything is now clear

for what thou have been waiting 


living in those memories

"when you smile

 this whole world shine brightly

so this memory"

for this thou have been waiting... 








Author's Notes/Comments: 

when we are missing some pieces of our life and searching them and want to live those moments again, this poem is about that . Actually here the interval of time is very less so that person wants to have such memories more, that person misses that person which is there in his memories and asking him or you can say want him to show himself so that he could know if his friend is fine or not as it's been long time since they met. Here thou refers to the eyes as the eyes are capturing every moment

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