to let you know

first time

i know it, knew it

never accepted 

cause that air

never been there 

wasn't part of my life

i didn't know what was that, feel

didn't know what was that warmth


there was this voice screeeming

not clear, loose it everytime

what it want to say?

waited two years for rewind

but all i knew that

the world, around me

never changed but

changes this time



caught my eyes

just to open a way, a path

to let you know 

that there is this odour 

this warmth feeling , fast heartbeat 

somebody is ringing the bell

the bell is now audible

i just want you to know

watching you secretly 

was enough for days 

and that is still working as a dose 


i didn't know what was that warmth 

what was that feeling 

all i know that now

i want you to know

that smile of yours 

is now my memory 

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