As the day Went by

As the day went by

Alex, an insecure 17 year old boy, is a Junior High School Student who lives in a small town in Massachusetts, with an ordinary family and not many friends to hang out with. He is currently in English class, daydreaming and drawing in his notebook. As the teacher talks and gives instructions, Alex is obviously not paying attention, he can’t stop thinking about what he is going to do on the weekend and if he will spend his friday night doing the same things as always; ordering a pizza and playing video games. A few minutes pass and the school bell rings, Alex stands up, grabs his things and heads home. When he arrives, his mom receives him with a smile, she kisses him on the cheek and they head to the kitchen to eat. The day goes on, Alex  does some homework, plays some video games and past 10 o'clock, he goes to sleep. After a few hours of deep sleep, Alex starts dreaming. In his dream, Alex wakes up just like any other regular day, he has some cheerios for breakfast, brushes his teeth, grabs his lunch, says goodbye to his mom and with a smile, he happily starts walking to the school bus. When the bus arrives, he gets inside and the girl of his dreams see’s him for a far and tells him to sit beside her. He goes towards Sophie and she starts talking to him as if they had been friends all of their lives. The girl keeps making conversation and invites him to a party on the weekend. As the day goes on, things just keep getting better and better for Alex. As he passes through the hallways, he is greeted by the the High School Principal and a lot of his friends. In P.E., the whole teams decides that Alex should be their captain. On the Soccer field, he scores three goals and wins the match. He then goes to his English class; his last class of the day. For the first time in his life, he stops drawing on his notebook and starts putting attention to the teacher. He notices that what the teacher is saying is actually really interesting and starts participating in the class discussions. He no longer feels bored or insecure. He was so into the conversation that even the teacher recognized him in front of the whole class. After a few minutes, the bell rang and suddenly Alex wakes up and notices it was all just a dream. He looks at the clock and notices its only 3:00 AM so he goes down for a glass of water. Right before going back to sleep, Alex breaths for a moment and realizes that the life he was dreaming about is the life he wants to have from now on.  That's the precise moment when this insecure boy, the one with no friends takes action and starts making changes, because in order to flip his life over, he knew he had to overcome his insecurities. Now Alex was determined to change, so in that same morning, on April 1879 he gets on the bus and sits right beside Sophie.

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Gabriel Richardson & Alexa Terrazas 

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