A Wonderful Night


You came to me in a dream last night.

Crawling up over me as I lay sleeping on my bed.

The only thing between us is a red satin sheet.

You pull the sheet down to expose my full, ripe breasts.

You take my nipple in your mouth and tease it with your teeth.

The sensation pulls me from my sleep and I arch

my back to give you more.

With one hand bracing you up your other slips

slowly down my side.

Under the sheet your hand finds the moist, warm

spot it was searching for.

My body begins to tremble as your finger slips

so easily inside me.

You start kissing and licking me down my stomach.

My moans of anticipation make you slow your descent.

I place my hand on your head to try to move you along faster.

You look up at me and tell me "Don't move".

I whimper at the command but do as I'm told.

You continue your assault on my body and travel down.

The slow torture you put me through ends as you

take me in your mouth.

I gasp as your fingers and tongue work their magic.

It takes all the strength I have to obey the command

not to move.

My desire builds to an intolerable height.

Then I cry out as my body erupts with its climax.

You flip me over onto my hands and knees and

forcefully thrust yourself into me.

Each time you drive into me with more force your body demanding more.

Our need for release building faster and harder.

With one last forceful thrust I scream as we both

reach our satisfaction.

Spent and sated you lay down next to me and pull me

into your arms.

We drift off to sleep entwined in a loving embrace.

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