My Pleasure


You wrapped the rope around my wrists.

Gently tugging to bring my arms above my head.

I stood there naked and exposed for you to admire.

I don't feel shy when you look me up and down.

I can see the lust in your eyes and your arousal

begging to be released.

You softly lay an open hand on my stomach.

The warmth of it burning my flesh.

I lean my head back and moan as you bring it up to

cup my breast.

Teasing my nipple making it hard I feel my blood

begin to boil.

I gasp as you take it in your mouth and suck hard.

The pain quickly turns to pleasure as my need for you

begins to mount.

I feel myself growing wetter as it starts to run

down my thigh.

I whimper as you pull away and walk behind me.

Placing your hands on my hips you press my body

tightly against yours.

The denim from your jeans is rough on my bare skin.

You start to slowly and sensually kiss down my spine.

You begin to nip and kiss my buttocks while bringing

your hand softly up my inner thigh.

You make your way back up my spine kissing and rubbing

your coarse clothing across my sensitive body.

My need for you becoming unbearable.

You kiss my neck as your hand works its way down

my stomach to tease and play some more.

My wetness increases and I begin to tremble

with unspent desire.

I lean back against you for support as my legs

threaten to give out.

Working your fingers in and out as my body feels

close to shattering into a million pieces.

The intense explosion hits and I call out your name.

My body raked with spasms as my pleasure passes.

And in a blink of an eye you are gone.

All that remains to let me know you were even there

are the raw burns on my wrists from the rope

and my climax dripping down my thigh.

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