how I feel for you

I'm your rock here  un-wavering,

Until I'm overcome by time and weathering,
I'm a flame that burns bright but is never quenched,  
You are one person I shall never be against, 
You are my summer and my spring, 
You take away what winter is sure to bring,
Your fragrance is like a warm summer night,
Sweet like honey suckles and is such a delight, 
Your love is warm and something I Cherish, 
My love will never parish, 
Your are like thee finest wine,
Truly you are one of a kind, 
Completion is what Im feeling when holding you in my arms, 
You love struck me like a bullet from a firearm, 
Your the blood that beats my heart,
I loved you from the start tell me we shall never be apart, 
Without you I'm only half of me, 
Don't you see what we could be,
I wish I had the words to make things right,
I'm lost in the dark searching for you with no light,
I wish it came down to just my love, 
In regards to you nothing would be above, 
I love how you laugh at all the stupid things I say,
I just don't  want to see you running away,
So tell me you are here to stay, 
And together is how we will spend our days,
I love you eyes,
They are like suns eclipsed  in blue sky's, 
I need you like the trees need the sun, 
Your the breath that fills my  lung,
I love that I can be myself, 
You are what I value over any wealth,
My love is forever, 
I'm will not be moved by changing seasons or weather, 
But someday I will return from once I came, 
But my love will still remain.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my darling Sophie. 

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