Till World Ends

The sun came up that morning over an Earth that was devastated. All of the buildings had crumbled to the ground, all of the lakes, rivers, and oceans had dried up, and all of the people were gone. On a lonely, flat, endless plain you could see a lone horse walking in the distance. The horse walked over hard sand and dirt. All grass, trees, and plants were gone. Also in the distance, far away from the horse, there was a lone Saint Bernard dog walking in the distance. The dog was injured and limped. The horse and dog approached each other. “Are you hurt badly?” asked the horse.
The dog said, “What happened to everything? Where is everyone? I was knocked out and fell unconscious”?
The horse stared at the Saint Bernard, which was all confused and injured, the horse felt sorry due to the fact that the dog was alone. “There has been a disaster,” the horse said. “The world that we know has come to an end, all of our friends and family disappeared”. The dog wanted to cry, but he was so confused and hurt that his feelings were all mixed up. “What? But I don’t have anywhere else to go and maybe my parents are dead, what should I do?” the dog said. The wise horse saw that the dog was in need of help, they both were alone, and suddenly he had a big idea. “What if you come with me, I am also alone, maybe if we stay together we can take care of each other and survive this horrible mess.” The horse said to the dog. The dog happily agreed to join the crew, and they started to walk along the remaining surface. Both were extremely shocked that there was nothing left in earth, suddenly they realized that it was becoming very hard to find food and water. This situation made it very hard for both of them to get along easily. “You are always consuming most of our resources, I am the one who needs the most food to survive, I am terribly injured” the dog said to the horse. Instead of fighting back, the horse realized that the dog was the only friend he had, and they were both struggling to survive. The dog, realized that he was no position to say those kinds of things to the horse, because he also indeed realized that the horse was the only friend that he had. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so mean, but I’m so sad, and hungry, I’ve lost everything, and I don’t want to lose you”. The horse was happy because they got along perfectly fine, and now being the only one’s left in Earth they had only each other to make it through and nothing could stop them.

written by: Carlos Dieck, Ale Vara

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