My father's 84 Mustang

My Father’s car is an 84’ blue Mustang and I believe that he finds it as his most valuable possession, always taking care of it and keeping it clean in the garage. Whether it is raining, snowing, sunny or cloud the car looks as it is brand new, always shining in the garage. Not that often but when he takes it for a ride and you can hear the loudest, scary and strange sound from the car’s engine. This car has been in my father’s possession since he was in high school, it has been his first car making it very special because it was the first car that he ever bought with his own money, and he loves it, everyone who sees it admires it, a shining car, and this type of model is not that very common to see. You can always see a person cleaning his car, it is kind of frustrating, but understandable, although he never allows anyone to drive it, I believe the only person besides my father who has driven it is my brother but it’s not because he is selfish of it and doesn’t allows anyone to test it, it’s due to the fact that this car is way too old and you have to learn its tricks and how to drive it, otherwise the consequences are awful. Although this car can go up to 180Km/hr. or even more, my father doesn’t goes that fast when he takes it for a ride, my father isn’t a racer, he doesn’t likes it, especially because this car is extremely dangerous. Sometimes when we have an event on the house my father orders someone to clean his car, so it looks like a bright shining armor, and it can amaze visitors. No kidding that this does work, and maybe even when the car is not at its most precious conditions, anyone especially older persons enjoy watching the car. My father has spent a lot on remodeling the car, such as in paint, wheels, maintenance etc. I think he takes care more of his car than anyone else. On particular days when he takes it for a ride, I enjoying going with him, because he seems happy and enjoys every moment that he uses it. The amazing thing to me, is that there has been many times that when my father is driving it on the rain, the car due to the fact that is way too old, the car is out of control, I remember one time that he told me this story that on the rain he was not going way to fast, but he lost control of the car and in the road the car began spinning, and that other cars saw that, they stopped and saw what was happening, and tried to helped my father, but amazingly my father and his long experience with the car allowed him to control the car, and nothing awful happen. My father loves his car, he gets way too excited when he fix it, when he takes it for a ride, this is a huge symbolism for him, he doesn’t, and I believe not a single person in Monterrey has one.


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