What i WANT

No one has really asked me what I want

I never really thought about what I want

If I had to chose I would chose looks cause after all they do help

but what's on the inside is what can be felt...

If you want to share this life with me

You have so show me you want to be with me

don't bullshit me

I'm tired of the games and all the lies

I just want to be able to look into some faithful eyes

It would help if you had a career and didn't just sit around all day drinking beer

No drugs I want someone pure

So I know the real you not just when your under the influence

but the real you

I want to know all about you

your favorites to all your bad dates

I want to memorize your hands

I want to see the way you dance

Are you out there?  Do you even exist?

This is the first time I'm thinking about this

yet it feels like a list

I want someone who has his own,

Money, car and home

A real man who can love me and support me

I want us to be a team

A ride or die

watch us gleam

I need someone with character

not a fixerupper

Someone who is responsible for their actions

Someone who knows how to give me satisfaction

In all areas and aspects of life

I would also love to one day become your wife

Someone who holds and closes the door for me

Someone who knows me and loves me for me

A man that can hold me and not want sex

A man that stands out from the rest

Someone who is confident, smart and honorable

Not like a lot of these jokers who live life double

I don't want any trouble

just a best friend to explore life with

Someone I can count on

Does this sound like a myth?

This is my list

I spoke you into existence

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