How would it be?

I know who you are

I know you want me to know

I am one step ahead of you

I have done my homework

but I am scared of you

You are like no other I have ever known

I like the way things are

but they will never get that far

if one of us doesn't make a move

I saw you looking and waiting for me

but I just couldn't come

I froze up

I can't help it

I am so scared of you

This is not like me

I can go up to anyone

except for you

I don't know why this is?

It is annoying at times

I wish I could change it but

The choice is not mine

I am afraid, I got walls, I am too old for this...

I wish I could freeze frame the feeling you get in the beginning

Cause it all falls down

Where could this go?

How would we know?

If we'd only said the words...

One of us has to jump first

Who will it be?

How would it be?

Just you and me...

If looks could speak we have many discussions

I feel it but I can't say it

This is so chaotic

Only a chosen few know

Guess that's how it will go

At least for now

Cause how to approach you...

I don't know how?

I just cannot shake the thought

How would it be?

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