MY CHAotic Loyalty


I could never love you,

the way you needed to be loved

I could never see past,

your guise of "friendship"

But you were always there,

to wipe away virtual tears...


It was my fault..

I kept you at a distance.


I could never hold you,

the way you needed to be held

My arms could only, simply

hug you

And though now I'm the one,

you keep at a distance,

my heart never resents,

just, simply, loves you


I could never look at you

the way you looked at me,

I could never understand,

the love that filled your eyes, to

the rim

and when you blinked away my faults,

filling me with a haloed light,

I took flight, & hurt you again


I could never be, the friend you needed

despite your agony, and the ways you pleaded

I know that this, will not leave you defeated

& it will only make you stronger,

even if you can't see it.


I believe in you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sorry...

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