A Hole

A deep Hole

A chasm without magnitude

An abyss without depth

Limitless and eternal

Perplexing in its desire

Its smoke envelopes you

Its force keeps pulling you down

Propelling you into its emptiness

Its overwhelming howl is frightening

But its tranquil silence is comforting as it engages you with definite familiarity

It is your home

Never ceasing to remind you of your past that is written in a book

A diary filled with the passions and hopes that life holds

But it also hides a list within your heart

Begging you to cross out the tumults and rage

Written in liaison with your mind’s desires and experiences

A locust emerges from your core on the verge of extreme prejudice and eradication

It is your transit to all happiness and aspiration

Your meridian, your necessity

Your Sickness, your Disease

As this hole draws you deeper

Fear grips you tighter

A sense of hopelessness showers you

How does all seem so lost?

How are so many feelings entwined within you in such a quizzical manner?

Is there an end to this fall?

Will there ever be a star?

Will there ever be a light to shine your way?

Will this darkness end?

Will this sadness dissipate?

Is there true salvation?


Is there life?

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