White Candle

When the hustle and bustle has all gone away

Finally silence greats us at the end of the day

But through the paper thin veil of a promised silent eve

Comes the tinkling of bells somewhat hard to believe

While no visitors are seen up the front lane or back

Still there is that sound tinkling though the night is still black

Puzzled and muzzled I rise from the chair

Thinking that surly the poor cat must have stayed out in the air

Found bundled in the hall a round tuft of fur

Chest raises and lowers without so much as a purr

I return to the living room and as my eyes try to adjust

There under the tree lays a present and I hear the whoosh of a wind gust

I approach the tree slowly glancing that way and this

What is this business about and who did I miss?

Many years have since passed since beliefs were worth believing

And yet here I stand with the tree and the package still gleaming

I look down at the gift and question its source

Then with gentle hands I shake it without very much force

An envelope slides from the ribbon and slowly floats down

It is address solely to me with no return address or town

I open the card and my breath catches quick

There must be some mistake this must be a trick

Written inside in handwriting I know

It says never forget we are here with you wherever you go

Inside the wrapped box lay a sconce, white candle, and match

I place it up upon the mantle and the fire illuminates without catch

I am reminded of loved ones that can no longer be seen

The next day I awake and the candle is gone

I can still hear the radio softly playing Christmas songs

I sat there and pondered if it was all just a dream 

Yet from this year to next I keep a white candle agleam 



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