The Whimper by Ana Perales and Andres Ramirez


The end was not like the beginning.

The beginning was loud and chaotic,

Bursting with life.

Creators created and created,

Until they had nothing left to create.

Creations roamed the Earth freely,

Communicating with their creators.

They talked, their voices making The Sound.

Through The Sound, the creations evolved.


Creations now evolved,

became animals or plants.

The Sound grew as did the complexity of life.

Plants turned to trees and flowers,

While animals turned to fish, mammals and birds.

Rocks turned into mountains and volcanoes,

And the human form came to life.


It seemed the world now lay in peace,

With all its creatures living gracefully

Enjoying the gifts that came from nature,

And interacting happily with each other,

But the creators,

They weren’t satisfied,

They needed life to be worth living,

Not just the monotonies of joyfulness.


New Senses came to life,

Greed, envy, and lust,

They can make a man go mad,

Soon the world was no longer at peace,

Destruction was everywhere,

A feeling of danger and insecurity;

The creators had to do something about it.


The Lion cited all the creatures in the world,

And they all came

Searching for words of hope.

“They have weapons and claws cannot compare,”

Said the Tiger.

“I’m the only one left, they poach us all,”

Said the Rhinoceros.

So, the Lion looked at all the animals,

And picked the smallest creature he can find.

“Hummingbird please find our creators

And ask for help.”


So, Hummingbird searched for the Gods,

In hope of saving the world.

He followed the Sound,

His wings adding to the buzz.

Hummingbird flew through snow, rain and sun,

Through seconds, hours, months, and years.


Hummingbird finally reached the Door,

Coated with ivory and dust,


“Please, I come to you from Earth

With a request that has taken thousands of years to reach you:

Please, make it better.” pleaded the bird into the Door.

But the creators simply ignored.

The bird yelled from despair,

And didn't stop until his voice ran out.


The Sound, now fragile, caught up to Hummingbird

And disintegrated the door.

In went the door and discovered nothing but dust.

Dust and the same senses that were now consuming Earth had consumed the room.


Towards the back, Hummingbird, found what looked like a corpse,

But as he got closer, the bird realized it was a lifeless body.

“You, bird, come close.

It has been a while since I saw something good.”

Upon inspection, Hummingbird realized it was one of the creators.


“Hummingbird, I saw your birth,

And today you will see my death.

I am the last of the creators.

We opened the gates of Sin

And didn’t know how to stop the decent to hell.

Now we are consumed by the Senses.

The Sound is your only hope. Live by it,”

The creator said painfully.


He whimpered, “We greedily consumed the Senses,

That now consume the Universe.”

That last word summoned the creator’s last breath.

Immediately the Sound started to become faint.

Slowly it stopped,


Leaving the Hummingbird alone and with no good news to bear.  

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