wake me up

My heart starts to beat.. Like i'm running a race.. the pitter patter of feet.. my mind can't erase.. the knock on the door.. stand down, stay down. Hit the floor.. Bullet in chamber, prepare for war... There's no what do you do.. no classification.. it's just me and you.. our uniform of unification.. Brethren in arms. Protect our sisters. The sound of alarms.. the crackles of fire.. explosions from bombs.. a firework of color.. a myriad of feelings.. is this my end.. will i be a survivor... wake up, split second.. make a decision.. can't get caught, don't get caught.. caught in the crossfire.. listen to your training.. not the fear that is raining.. you know what to do.. let your training take over, consume the soul. your actions aren't your own... darkness enfolds.. open your eyes.. the light, too bright. Wake up in a haze.. it'll never be over.. it haunts your days.. the ghosts, your used to be protectors.. scared, I know. Day by Day. Nobody can know. too much to say.. keep it all at bay.. you just want someone, someone to stay.. to tell you...I love you anyway..

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