Drewtanious Keeper of Knowledge

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Drewtanious Keeper Of Knowledge




In an unknown land lived a young compassionate strong willed hero, who's destiny hasn't been foretold yet. His name was Drewtanious. He was born and raised on a small secluded island. Safe quiet, and beautiful. A simple easy place of living. Drewtanious would often work with his father building things or help grade quizzes that the villagers took in school. He had a fascination with knowledge and adventure. He would often dream of distant places and far away cities imagining how different life would be. Always working exceptionally hard and rushing through work so he could go gaze at the endless sea.




Drewtanious had this trinket he would wear of a hand carved owl with black beaded eyes around his neck. It has been passed down to his family and his father gave it to him when he was a mere child. Whenever Drewtanious would dream he would clench it in his hands and imagine distant lands. This time Drewtanious decided to make a wish.




"I wish I could leave this place and see what ls beyond the blue." Drewtanious spoke softly to himself.




The trinket he was clenching reacted. It's eyes turned green in his palms. Drewtanious didn't seem to notice. It was an exhausting day of back breaking building work. Time has come to head home and get some much needed rest. Little did he know the changes that would take place the next day.




When the young hero awoke the next morning it was to a knock on the door. It was two men wearing long maroon robes with gold stitching in the seams. They had an Insignia of the carved owl that Drewtanious wore around his neck. These folk looked majestic and full of knowledge and power.






"We are looking for a man named Drewtanious. Is that you sire?


Spoke one of the men in robes.




"Indeed it is" Replied young Drewtanious.




"Truth be known that you are of royal blood, we are here on the account of the Museum of Arcane knowledge. We are protectors and keepers of knowledge and magic. We are here to give you an opportunity to come and join the Arcane Keepers and fulfill a duty to serve the preservation of magic. what do you say sire?" Proposed one of the men.




Drewtanious was filled with so much excitement he barley had a response. "Give me 5 minutes" Then he dashed off.




The young hero flew inside said goodbye to his family and only packed what he could carry in one hand and what he could fit in his pockets and he was off. Since that day, the world Drewtanious knew was no more. As an initiate he felt at home here. The halls of the museum were vast, vibrant exotic plants grew up the walls like wild vines. The stone was barely noticeable. Statues of great leaders and symbols and signs were riddled in the courtyards and among the halls. The owl was the official insignia of the arcane Museum.




This wonderful place was full of arcane keepers that he called his friends. Everyone wore the same maroon gold stitched robes. They all wore them with great esteem. The people here in this magical place respected him as he respected them. Life was surreal and endless in the array of events that always involved magic and his friends. They were royals in blood and in spirits.




Young Drewtanious found a piece of paradise in the halls of the Arcane sanctum. A piece that he would always take with him. The connection to the people and this place was endless. He was forever bound to these remarkable halls. The beauty in the heart and soul of this place was breath taking.




Drewtanious spent years studying in the museum and learning everything he could possibly learn about magic, myths and love. He found himself waking up many nights asleep over a mound of magical books and scrolls that he stayed up reading throughout the night. It is in this time that he discovered something no book would prepare him for.




Love was more powerful than any magic he had ever come in contact with. It was at this moment that The now middle aged Drewtanious grew to the soul of another. The studies he dived into didn't even come close to the connection to this new feeling. Enchanted by family and unity. The love he has recently been blessed with has taken his top priority.




After much hard work the destined hero became an Arcane Keeper. His duty was to travel and collect scrolls and magical books lost throughout time and preserve them in the museum of magic. Magic was forbidden to use outside the walls of the museum. It was feared by the Arch Bishop that people would be reckless with the knowledge. The museum served as a vault. A bank of wisdom and knowledge that was stored away for safe keeping.




Drewtanious always looked up to the Arch Bishop when people traveled to the revered museum he would always put on a beautiful show of colors and light and show the beauty of magic. as the audience awed. They loved him and his power. The young hero always envisioned himself as becoming the next Arch Bishop. He looked up at the Arch Bishop the head of the museum as a mentor. Drewtanious followed in his foot steps. He was gaining the respect and experience to become the next Arch Bishop. Little did he know he had something way more meaningful in store.




On one routine day, Drewtanious was following up on his duties when he seen smoke coming from inside the inner sanctuary of the Arcane Museum. The giant wooden doors were barricaded shut.


The hero thought fast.




"Exepllio Ajar Orida!" Intended Drewtanious. With great magical might.




The doors blew open knocking them off of their hinges and cleared the doorway. The Arch Bishop was setting all the tomes of wisdom ablaze.




"What have you done !" Furiously shouted Drewtanious.




"Making sure nobody can gain my knowledge. "remarked the Arch Bishop.




"I wont allow you to do this!" Shouted Drewtanious.




"Then you shall fall." Announced the Arch Bishop.




A violent battle of fire and ice. Good and evil. Their power was equal. From fire-bolts to wards spells. The battle raged on. But in the end. Good always prevails. Drewtanious imprisoned the Arch Bishop in ice. The battle was fierce and claimed most of the knowledge the Arcane Keepers swore to protect. The Arcane museum laid in ruin. As the now new Arch Bishop Drewtanious, the hero knew exactly what he had to do. This was his destiny.




The hero took the remaining scrolls that survived and printed many copies of them. Knowledge was meant to be shared not stored and locked away. Drewtanious with a wave of his hand turned the museum of Knowledge and magic into a school open to the public. Allowing everyone to come together to share knowledge and ideas to make meaningful contributions to the world. Making magic possible to be used freely meant that everyone was powerful and everyone was equal. It put the land into a time of peace and understanding.




There now rests a statue of the Hero Drewtanious outside the School of Arcane Arts . It is a symbol of his heroic triumph. This remarkable hero made the world a brighter place full of magic and infinite beauty. He is revered and his contributions has made it possible that we all have the ability to learn and possible to stand for what is true. For what is right. We are all Mystics and are full of remarkable wisdom and power. We now can share amongst ourselves and learn from each other. Thanks to Drewtanious The Keeper of Knowledge. With his guidance we have learned that the power of Love, Friendship and family, is the most powerful magic of all.





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