inspiration for the desperation

You ever feel like life on the outside feels really confusing. but underneath it all the most beautiful things are simple. and easy. and life underneath all the illusions is really a simple easy thing. but sometimes we get caught up in things that make it harder than what it should be. we feel obligated to do things. and to not do things. we sacrifice our own personal happiness to make sure the people around us are happy. the people around us make the biggest impact upon us. if were in a good place the love you put in is the love you get out. other times we put in way too much effort and everyone else takes advantage of that effort rather than matching your strife causing you to pick up more fallout's on top of your own relations. holding you back from potential and creativity. we all can reach simple and easy living but it depends on what and who were trying to have a simple life with. sometimes people like things complex witch destroys peace and identities get lost and we start to get confused on what we really want to do with ourselves and life so we approach every situation as if it will pull you out of same routines and patterns. but really its internal decisions towards the external world that effect the outcome of our lives. so if you are feeling like things are too complex sit down ponder everything inside your head that doesn't make sense and figure out what YOU really want to do. Its ok to have some selfish intentions. if people didn't initially think for themselves they would get washed away by the people around them. find your light in this world and chase it. dont give up. this is a message from the universe telling you that everything is waiting for change once you allow it. every action is ran by 2 feelings fear and love. fear is worse thing to let control us. we dont act and let things happen because were scared to say or do anything. or we make decisions because even tho the right decision is what you wish to accomplish it scares you because it is different. the unknown is not scary it can be beautiful. dont let fear cloud your head when it comes to creating your future witch creating the future starts in the now. so act now out of love. find the things you love most and hold them dearly. if what you love is far away. distance is an illusion there is ways to build gaps and chase what you desire and chase everything you desire. you deserve to be happy because your living. and life is beautiful. its worth spending life with a smile. rid yourself of the negativity and negative people that are holding you back and not allowing you to reach the things you desire and love. we are here on this planet once so spend your days with the people who matter most. this is the universe calling to you and telling you to act now on the things you want most in life. if you wait tomorrow it might be to late. find your intentions and act out of your on your own personal desires. you are free nothing is stopping you from achieving what you want besides yourself. if the encouragement is coming from negative aspects of your life and people that claim you may be wrong disregard their words and think for you. you are a celestial being who has the power to harness all the power in this world so take it upon yourself to start NOW and build for what you want to see tomorrow. the universe loves you and wants to see you succeed. This message is brought to you By Shooting the jay foundation. Team Avatar. We are the universe. Go fourth and chase your dreams were only young once.

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