No trust

The Influence

Kindness is reserved for people who don't ask for it.
Its not to be expected. If you need it. Fucking give it.
Can't give any more of myself away anymore.
Nothing is free. Time is more valuable then money.
Want me around, prove it to yourself.
That you wont drag me down.
I am not extending a hand.
No more favours. Buying meals as generous gestures.
Call me an asshole. A dick. I don't give a shit.
Care not what people think.
For all I know they ask for a hand just to pull me under.
Fool me once shame on me.
But ill write you off. Cut you out.
No longer giving shady people the benefit of the doubt.
No more second chances.
Sorry if on the first you blew it.
Truth is, Truth is earned.
I got a big heart, In the past it was my undoing.
I got my guard up. Nothing is getting through it.
No more getting taken for granted.
Keeping the circle small.
I can be feral, if you don't want to play a part in viscous words..
Honesty that hurts. Directed right at you.
Then don’t give me a reason to.
I can tare you down as quick as I can pick you up.
I stand up right in spite of the old friends I no longer have.
Gossip circles. Not my monkeys, not my circus.
Fuck your antics. The absurdness. Worthless.
Everything changes. Colours fading. Rearranging.
Fake smiles. Cover up intentions.
I can see through you.

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