The Influence

Beauty lies in the deep.
eyes of the beholder.
Beneath my feet the ground is soft and sweet.
I hope to reminisce over this stillness.
No need for words. Just end up becoming make shift swords.
Lets just sit in silence enjoying each others embrace.
To me that’s a taste of what beauty could be made.
Yet its all in the mind. Yet, in this world I cannot find.
We are often all alone wishing for someone to come home.
standing by a phone. Holding on to bitter things that make us feel alone.
I am not one to speak. I may just be a contradictory contribution.
another dream wishing for exploitation. We cannot change people.
Many of us so desperately try to become things were not.
In hopes we will never be forgot.
Yet I already forgot what happiness feels like.
When I stray from paths and get lost in the woods.
Listening to shadows as they become my only friends.
Stay with me until I awake. These dreams are violent.
They turn ripples into wakes. I often wonder.
If life is going to be half as enjoyable as eternal slumber.
Where do we rest weary eyes when all we hear is silent cries.
desensitized by broken hearts and capsized under rocks
that seem to steal our breath
things we no longer we believe we have left
my sovereign is found in some type of perpetual alternate world
away from all the accounts and mishaps that are about to unfold.
time only allows me to contnue to get old.
I cannot reverse years and these fears shed tears over wasted years.
its clear that drowning in apathy is a isolated paradise
as suffering and pain become addictive.
the mind begins to become vindictive
no more storms please. I have been swept away.
living on an island that holds many secrets.
Trample over my being. my essence is leaving.
feet no longer have the strength to be fleeting.
I just let this water take me. under. Poseidon will put me to work,
I hope he gets to me before my breath escapes me.
watching the sun slowly fade. from underneath the water.
in these depths my bed has been made.
The tide will tuck me in. Ill sleep well tonight.
Yet I may never see the morning light.
If so, know I am alright. This is a better place.
For once its nice to not participate. anticipate.
My life I bestowed it in the hands of fate.
I am excited to see the architecture of heavens gate.

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